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Stay Safe

At last, we can return to dreaming, discovering new places, traveling and reconnecting with our family and friends. However, it is essential to do it with absolute safety. At Koisi, we want you to enjoy your stay with complete peace of mind and, for this reason, we have created Stay Safe, a set of protocols and measures that apply in all our spaces and with our entire team. Furthermore, we have been awarded the Seal of Secure Accommodation, an accreditation granted by the Confederación Empresarial de Hostelería de España (Spanish Hospitality Business Confederation) to companies in the sector that implement its recommendations.

On behalf of the Koisi team, we thank you for placing your trust in us.

Be free again. Stay Safe.

Next, we detail the measures implemented.

Security measures implemented against Covid-19

  • Our employees and our facilities follow all security protocols established by state and local authorities.
  • The use of a mask is mandatory in all public areas of the building.
  • We have implemented protocols to check the health of the guests.
  • Hand sanitising gels are provided in all the main areas of the building.
  • We provide disinfection sprays for fabrics and metals.
  • A first aid kit is available.
  • In suspected cases, we will contact health professionals to offer you the best care.
  • Both in suspected and confirmed cases, we will try to ensure that you have everything you need, bringing purchases and medications to your room.

Measures on physical distancing

  • We provide contactless care, through chat or telephone.
  • We follow the current rules on physical distancing, and we indicate this with the existing distance markers throughout the building.
  • We have established a maximum capacity of 10 people in public areas.
  • We recommend not using lifts with people from different family units.
  • We have established physical barriers or screens between staff and clients in potential contact areas.
  • We encourage payment by credit card as a secure payment method.
  • Whenever possible, guests will occupy interspersed spaces, leaving one apartment free between two occupied ones.

Measures on cleaning and disinfection

  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the areas of most contact.
  • We use the most effective cleaning products against viruses, such as Diversey.
  • Bedding, towels and textiles generally are washed in complete cycles at a temperature of between 60º and 90º.
  • We thoroughly disinfect all spaces after each stay.
  • During the cleaning of each apartment, it will be ventilated for at least 15 minutes.
  • Cleaning is carried out by professional, specialised companies who guarantee the best quality and the highest safety.
  • We seal the spaces after disinfection.
  • As far as possible, we will leave the apartments unoccupied for at least 24 hours after the departure of guests.
  • Guests have the option of cancelling the cleaning of their spaces during their stay.
  • We use sprays to sanitise the cash drawer and coins.

Check-in services

  • We have installed contactless systems for check-in and check out.
  • We request the identity documentation necessary for check-in online.
  • We provide a check-in machine in the lobby so that you can check in without physical contact with any of our team.
  • Access with code / PIN sent before arrival.