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Tips for finding accommodation in San Sebastián at a reasonable price

Tips for finding accommodation in San Sebastián at a reasonable price

San Sebastián has for many decades been considered one of the most attractive cities for tourism. Since the visits of 19th-century aristocrats, many travellers have come to this coastal town to discover the iconic architecture inherited from the Belle Epoque, bathe on its beaches, rest in the greenest areas and, above all, to taste the local gastronomy. Such has been the growth and development of the city in recent years that it has become an essential destination for tourists seeking a getaway to the north of the peninsula, which often creates difficulties when finding a room in the city. So today, we offer you some tips to find accommodation in San Sebastián at a good price.

Cheap accommodation in San Sebastian

One of the main reasons to visit the capital of the province of Gipuzkoa is the opportunity of attending one of the countless events that take place in this city. Part of the experience of travelling to other places is being able to live the local culture and traditions, and this is possible in San Sebastián through the different gastronomic events, sports finals or concerts held throughout the year. However, it is essential to know that finding accommodation on these dates can be more difficult and even more expensive. Therefore, we recommend that you make a note of some of them so that you can avoid them when planning your trip.

Starting on January 20th with the feast of San Sebastián and its iconic Tamborrada, the city celebrates numerous traditional festivals that extend into the following year. From the 21st to the 25th, the month of July is carried away by the rhythm of possibly the oldest Jazz Festival in Spain. During the week of August 15th, the people of San Sebastian celebrate the Semana Grande with fireworks, concerts and activities, giving way to another of the most cultural months, September. From the 17th to the 25th of this month, the San Sebastián International Film Festival is held in the famous Kursaal building, hosting the best-known faces on the big screen. And of course, Christmas and winter fairs such as Santo Tomás, on December 21st, are also significant dates in the city of Donostia.

Typically, the weekends and the summer season are the periods with the highest influx of tourists, which usually produces a rise in prices for accommodation. Therefore, whenever you can, try to take advantage of the offers during the week and organise your trip on less crowded dates. In the event that you prefer to travel on the days mentioned above, we recommend that you make the reservation in advance when you may be able to take advantage of a lower price.


Accommodation in and around San Sebastián

Another alternative to finding accommodation at a lower price is usually to move to the outskirts of the city. Generally, the municipalities or areas next to the major cities offer services at lower prices, although, to what extent? For example, if you plan to visit San Sebastián, the best option could be to stay in Zarautz or Orio, less than half an hour away by car. Other options are to stay in Pasaia, just a few minutes away, or the inland municipalities such as Hernani. However, doing this translates into additional expenses in daily transport and dependence on schedules and travel times. For this reason, many visitors find it more convenient to avoid these possible setbacks and stay in the city centre.

Charming accommodation in San Sebastian

In addition to the location, choosing the right type of accommodation is also essential. It is crucial to pay attention to the place where we will spend a large part of the trip and that it adapts to our needs and tastes and those of the people accompanying us. Koisi Hostel in San Sebastián is a perfect option for enjoying the capital of Donostia, whatever your company. In addition to being accessible via the main entrance road to the city, this space is in a privileged location. Located between the Antiguo area and La Concha Bay, you can visit the city on foot and save time and money on daily transport. Enjoy a getaway with friends, family or as a couple, or go on shared adventures with people from anywhere in the world.